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With the lockdown shaking the entire world and affecting every aspect of life there is, one has to come up with new and unique solutions to stay afloat. In a world where everyone is going in the same direction be the one to, you know, go in the opposite direction. 

What we can see is a 20% open job market. However, the remaining 80% of the job market remains hidden. Which means we will not come to know about them if we aren’t looking for them.  So, we have listed down some of the career choices from the hidden job market that you can give a thought. 

Here are a few careers to opt for in these challenging times that are out of the ordinary.

  1. Ice cream taster

Yes, this is also a career choice. Here is something every kid would want to be without a sliver of doubt. Who wouldn’t want to have ice cream and instead of paying get paid for it? I know I wouldn’t mind. But this isn’t all that fun and loose.

There is some serious work involved too. Imagine if the testers didn’t do their work properly we won’t be having delicious and heavenly tasting ice creams. This isn’t just about saying this chocolate ice cream needs more chocolate. Or is it? Only one way to find out!

  1. Food critics

When you sit down to eat at home, you suddenly become this masterchef show critic who has something to say about everything. Unfortunately your comments aren’t well received by the person who cooked it (surprise surprise!) Just as well, your talent was wasted at home. But the culinary world appreciates your talent and wants you.

They do want to know if you think there is too much salt, or if you think it is tasteless or any other piece of criticism. But this isn’t going to be as easy as it sounds. You need to have an uncanny taste palette. You also need to have knowledge about different ingredients, cuisines and what not. But wouldn’t hurt to try. 

  1. Animal Behaviorist

It is always challenging to know what our fellow species want to say as we don’t understand. When people notice that their beloved pet is acting different than usual or showing undesirable behavioral traits they are at a loss as to what to do.

That is where animal behaviorists come in. They correct these undesirable behavior traits and help the man and his best friend. These professionals are being sought after now more than ever in this lockdown period as this time is tough for everyone. 

  1. Marketing psychologist

This is a rather one of a kind and creative job. Making a product for the consumer is not a random process. For example if you want to make a tea brand you don’t just choose any color or any font and similar things. A lot of research has gone into understanding what the people like and what will increase the sales for a product. And who does this research? A marketing psychologist.

This person has to understand the psychology of the market and provide analysis that will help tremendously with the sales for any commodity.

In these trying times people are going to  have a hard time trying to sell anything which is why the world is in dire need of marketing psychologists.

  1. NGO fund raiser

Good cause or not, getting people to spend money is not easy. Especially now it is hard to make people part from their money and now is the time when NGOs need this money the most.  So in such a situation an NGO fund raiser is someone who has to get people to donate and raise funds.

If you have  a knack of convincing people then there is no harm to try this out. Furthermore, whatever work you will do will help lots of people, nothing better than a feel good factor about your work.

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  1. Sleep coach

A sound sleep comes naturally to some people while for some sleep eludes them. Not being able to sleep properly affects your entire lifestyle not to mention how catastrophic it is for health. Sleep coaches are the angels who help you sleep better. They analyse where you sleep, how you sleep and so on and so forth and come up with a solution that will help you rest properly. 

Now, when people are going through a lot of mental duress due to the changing times, sleep coaches have become indispensable.

  1. Technology coach

In the world of technology there is no scarcity for technologically impaired people or people who need to learn how to use it. A technology coach guides people and teaches them technical skills so that they can handle everyday as well as important technical tasks. 

When everything is happening virtually people need to be knowledgeable about new technology, advances in this field, and how to use it, this profession is becoming more and more necessary.

  1. Divorce recovery coach 

We need those too. The entire process of getting a divorce is mentally exhausting,but what  comes after is even more stressful. It is a big change in a person’s life and coping with it becomes challenging. Now when the divorce rates are skyrocketing, people  need someone who will just guide them and help them get them through this dark period.

  1. Graphologist

The handwriting of a person has a lot to say about that person, if only anyone could understand. Graphologists are people who analyse a person’s handwriting and determine their personality. A graphologist can identify the behavioral traits of a person and even analyse what phase a person is going through right now.

These jobs are very popular in European countries right now. These graphologists play a very crucial role in understanding someone’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses. It is a very intriguing job. It is like reading a story, but instead of reading a story, you are reading about a person right from their handwriting. If you are interested, why don’t you give it a try? 

  1.  Adventure sports trainer

As the name suggests an adventure sports trainer is the person who guides us through adventure sports so that you can have fun, adrenaline and also safety. These professionals are trained experts who guide you through various adventure sports like kayaking, rafting, paragliding, Scuba diving, and anything and everything that gets the heart rate going. This profession is gaining popularity since a lot of people opt for adventures as their vacation genres these days.

These are the ten innovative careers you can opt for, but remember this is not all. The world is your oyster. There may still be something no one has stumbled upon, and you might. Believe in yourself and back yourself with skills that are relevant to your choice of career. 



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