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Parents always want to do what is best for their kids so that they develop in all walks of life. And to do this they adopt different parenting styles. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. But there is a parenting style that is giving the best results, positive parenting. Positive parenting involves caring, nurturing, and many such aspects that get you the best results without leaving hostility between you and your child. Here are some unbelievable facts about positive parenting that will intrigue you. 

1. Better bonding

Positive parenting is a boon for families because your children develop and there you don’t even have to win any wars for it. In fact, positive parenting makes your relationship better than it was before. Children find it comforting at home. They start seeing you as their support system instead of some monsters who take them away from screens and what not. This improved bonding is helpful lifelong for both you and your children. Mutual respect and understanding between parents and children increases when there is positivity around them.

2. Improved self-esteem

When children are being yelled at by their parents for their imperfections, they may start to feel insecure about themselves. They start self-doubting. And in this process their self-esteem takes a big hit. They become afraid to express anything anymore in front of anybody. This affects their development personally and professionally. 

Instead if they have encouraging, calm, and a friendly atmosphere at home, they start believing in themselves. In positive parenting, a child’s self -esteem improves drastically when they get a good atmosphere at home. 

3. Cognitive development

Children thrive when they get a supportive environment. In positive parenting, children show measurable improvement in cognitive skills. When every achievement is met with praise and every mistake is rectified with positive reinforcements, children are bound to do better than those who face cynicism.

4. Goodbye stress and fights

Gone will be the days when any attempt in teaching your child anything was met by tantrums and resistance. This in turn led to fights, shouting matches and what not. There would always be palpable tension in the house caused by all the fights and disagreements. 

In positive parenting every new lesson does not cause stress between you and your child because the basis here is mutual understanding and a positive environment.

5. Improved resilience

Children from sound homes are better at dealing with life. The criticism and negativity affects them less than those who come from troubled environments. When they are strong from the inside, all the bad in the world doesn’t affect them at all. They become tough on the outside and sound on the inside, and not the other way around.  

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6. Better social skills

Social skills are very important to survive in the world. The improvement in social skills is affected by many other things. For good social skills you need to have confidence and a good personality. All of which will be reinforced by good positive parenting and a positive attitude. 

7. Improvement in school

To improve in anything you have to work on the root cause of the problem. To improve in school, you need to first analyze what is the reason for the progress being hampered in the first place. There can be many reasons different for all children. To know what is causing them to not do well in school, communication is important. And yelling at them, and shouting their mistakes at them will rub them off the wrong way. Instead if you talk to them nice and calm, ask them what is going on with them? Is there something troubling them at school? Why are they not able to do well in school? Once you have a chat with them you will have a better insight in their life and can work on what actually the problem is.

Positive parenting has shown amazing results in children. A positive perspective goes a long way in changing your life for good. A healthy relationship between you and your child not only improves their personality, but it also help them to do well in academics and extra- curricular activities.

8. Better resistance to peer pressure 

Every child will go through peer pressure in all stages of their life. My friend has a new compass;I want one too, my friend got a cycle; I want one too, my friends are going on a picnic; I want to go too, all my friends have a phone; I need one too. These are some of the lesser destructive examples of peer pressure. Peer pressure can get your child to do any wrong activities just because others are also doing it.

Peer pressure often affects those who feel the need to fit in somewhere. They succumb to peer pressure to be a part of something, belong somewhere. This need for belonging in the outside world comes from them trying to compensate for their insecurities. But when you are strong from the inside and have a sense of what is right and wrong these things affect you less. Positive parenting cements your relationship with your children and gives them a healthy environment to live in.

9. Decreased behavior problems

Children exhibit problematic behavior that generally stems from some other causes. This is a way for them to tell you that something is wrong with them. But this plea often goes unheard and instead results at them being punished for wrong things. Positive parenting helps in correcting this behavior without breaking wars between the children and their parents.

Children who have experienced positive parenting are more mature and have better thinking capabilities. They have the mindset to think before they act. This gives them a more rounded personality. 

10. Negativity reduced

Negativity messes with your state of mind and harms productivity. Positive parenting gives the parents and children a positive outlook on life. Positive parenting reduces the risk of children being affected by depression, anxiety and other psychological conditions. 

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