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Cartoons are an inevitable part of childhood. Even after growing up you have a special place for cartoons in your heart (don’t deny). Once your child starts growing up, they start learning from what they see and perceive from their surroundings. And TV has a huge part in teaching them. So, here are the 10 best cartoons in India that are very entertaining as well as give away some good values.

1. Chota Bheem

This show tops the list of best cartoons in India because this cartoon has it all.  As the name suggests, Chota Bheem is a serial about a boy named Bheem who lives in a place called ‘Dholakpur’ with his friends. He is very strong, kind, smart, and brave, basically he has every value you would want to teach your kid. He helps the King of Dholakpur whenever it is required. 

 This show is very interesting and is so popular among children, that there have been many movies based on the characters from this show. The main value that this show teaches is that you can be strong and have all the great values in the world, but it won’t mean anything if those values are not of use to the society and for the betterment of the people. The show airs on Pogo TV.

2. Mr. Bean the animated series

When it comes to comedy, no one does it better than Mr. Bean. The show is very hilarious. This show is a masterpiece in comedy that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. You are never too old to re -watch cartoons anyway, one episode and you forget all your stress and tensions. Mr. Bean gives a very important life lesson, love yourself no matter what. He is witty, funny and can entertain you even without having minimal to zero dialogues. This show is currently aired on Pogo TV.

3.  Roll No. 21

Roll no.21 is a play on the characters from the stories of Lord Krishna. Kris, the protagonist is in an orphanage with bad management and he always ends up saving his friends from the atrocities of the management. Here Kris is loosely based on the playfulness and wit of Lord Krishna while the main antagonist is based on his arch nemesis Kans. This is a very fun show and teaches the kids to always stand up for themselves and be resourceful. This show is currently aired on Cartoon Network.

4. Pokémon

Pokemon gained so much popularity that it still has a huge fan base that swears by that world and loves it with all its heart. This show is primarily about Ash and his friends who live in a world of Pokemons. This show has it all, hurdles, comradery, happiness, sadness, everything. The story is about Ash wanting to be the Pokemon master and fulfill his dreams. He is faced with many challenges along the way but he does not give up on his dream or himself. The show also tells you that you need to treasure your companions because they are on this amazing journey with you and will always be there for you every step of the way. This show gets many adults nostalgic, you weren’t real if you weren’t a fan of this show. This show is currently airing on Hungama Channel. This show not only gets a mention in the best cartoons in India but also in the list of cartoons that touched our hearts.Pika Pika Pikachu!

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5. Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb is a story of two stepbrothers and their pet Platypus who is a spy. The story revolves around these brothers and their over extravagant plans that annoy their little sister so much that she wants to rat them out to her mom but all the evidence is wiped out just in the nick of time. There is also a parallel story revolving around the platypus who is a very cool spy for the O.W.C.A. (Organization without cool acronym) fighting against an evil doctor. This show is very humorous and at the same time it teaches you to dream big (and also the fact that your pet may be a spy). This show airs on Disney Channel.

6. Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori is a show revolving around Hattori, the protagonist who lives with Kenichi, his friend along with his brother Shinzo and dog Shishimaru. The plot revolves around Hattori helping out Kenichi who is an average student who is lazy and struggles with studies and always gets in trouble with his enemy Kemumaki, a Koga Ninja. Hattori ends up saving the day always and looking out for his friend and trying to make him a better person. This show teaches us to look after our friends and correct them if necessary. The show airs on Nickelodeon

 7. Oggy and the Cockroaches.

This is a story revolving around Oggy the cat and three cockroaches that live in this amazing house that looks small on the outside and is very huge on the inside. This show revolves around the cockroaches making Oggy’s life difficult and him retaliating. In the course of time, they become friends all although the love-hate relationship continues. This shows that no matter how much you fight with your friends, in the end, you always become friends again. This show airs on Cartoon Network.

8. Tom and Jerry

To not include this serial in the list of 10 best cartoons in India will be unfair. This show is about two friends Tom and Jerry who constantly fight with each other but also cannot live without each other. This show was the epitome of funny and though it defied all the laws of Physics you couldn’t help but love this show. This show is not currently on TV but you can find it easily on YouTube.

9. Oswald

Oswald is the story about a friendly octopus, his pet dog weenie, and his friends who live in a city that is so different yet so similar. This show was very easy going to show that always taught something good and also entertained. You are instantly taken back to your childhood days when you watch this cartoon. You can find this cartoon on YouTube.

10. Dragon tales

Dragon Tales revolved around a brother-sister duo that discovered a world of dragons. It was one of the best shows, very creative, and very valuable. Every episode had a new teaching and yet it never got repetitive. This show was very enjoyable with the right amount of fun, and the right amount of educative. It previously aired on Cartoon Network but now can be found on YouTube.

This is the list of best cartoons in India that never cease to entertain us and make us happy. But this can not be the only list. Any cartoons that make you happy can be on your list of best cartoons.

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