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As parents we juggle through many roles. We are a guide , strength, support system, protector, provider, emotional healer and sometimes even friends to our children.And these roles can be efficiently managed if we communicate with our off-springs with compassion and empathy. And if that is what being friends to your children mean then so be it. 

Everything in this universe works well only when there is a balance and a limit. Hence, being friendly to your children does not mean overindulgence , pampering or spoiling them and not being able to say ‘no’!

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Children in different stages have different needs from parents. 

1.   Babies or  toddlers seek protection , support and love .Their learning graph has just begun. 

2.    As they grow older , till they are adolescent  they need guidance from parents. So it is time 

to nurture their conscience, 

to strengthen  their inner being

 So that  they learn to choose right from wrong. For these are the  qualities that will help them to sail through teenage years and life in general with aplomb. 

3.    When a child reaches adolescence he/her is in his/her dawn of manhood or womanhood. They need to be accepted and understood as an individual. And this is the time, parents should show compassion , understanding and empathy as a friend. A friend who will guide them but will not be judgemental or be overprotective. Teenagers need parents , who will let them make small mistakes to learn important life skills. 

If  parents can balance their  roles to specific needs of their children , they will open a communication flow that will eventually bridge any gap between them and their children.

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  1. Had a wonderful experience attending school AB sir’s webinar recently. Couldn’t have gotten more insights into parenting techniques and understanding children and their anxieties. It was a truely wonderful experience.

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