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A gap is inevitable between generations. As a child grows and turns a teenager whilst the process the so-called generation gap pops up bubbles in the air. As mature individuals, we need to consider, the fact that every generation has its own essence. The difference between the generations leads to conflicts, what may be common today might be rare in the past generation. It is important for parents and children to build up a bridge stabilising the ideologies. Both of them can probably abide and resolve the pain of an argument and disconnect with ease.

  • BRIDGE THE GAP: The first step towards bridging the generation gap will be by giving your child a good upbringing and inculcating in them a conscience to choose good from bad and to respect others, their feelings, ideas, and thoughts.
  • COMMUNICATE: If you want a good relationship with your child and want to decrease the generation gap respective of your different ideologies and morales just spend more time with them. Engage in your child’s activities and games, watch each other’s favorite movies together, listen to songs together, go out for dinners. Talk and share with each other the unique thought process. It will help both your child and you to learn more about each other. 
  • RESPECT: An open mind is necessary as it’s a tool to understand what the other person stands by. For example, if you can have thoughts as a parent, so can your child have some of his own. It might be opposing to yours, but trying to understand each other’s thought process creates respect and peace. Who knows you might find something you really like in each other’s ideology. 

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  • ACCEPTANCE: The role of acceptance of each other’s thought process and ideologies is vital too as it doesn’t disturb the ambiance of family life. Acceptance doesn’t mean spoiling and pampering a child by listening to all his whims and fancies. We might come across teenagers forcing their parents to let them take a trip down with their friends or buy the latest gadget, as parents some might allow or might not, it should be a responsibility to understand what the child is demanding and if it’s not healthy, strictness plays a good part. 
  • BEING FRIENDS: You need to befriend your children so that they can confide in you freely and you can have an amicable relationship of respect and tolerance. Being friendly and compassionate can help in rebounding back to each other in case of differences and arguments.
  • BE AWARE OF THE CHANGES: Generations are building blocks and are interlinked and interconnected to each other. One generation leads to another. We have to find the connection between the generations. Teenagers must be made aware that in trying to be part of the peer and current generation they should not forget the greatness of the previous generations that they were responsible for the existence and in building the generation of today. Both the parents and the children should make an effort of understanding each other’s generation – both the good and the bad!
  • KEEP THE EGOS AWAY: No one is 100% wrong and right when it comes to different ideologies in every generation. Most fights take place due to ego clashes. You must never be rigid with your beliefs. Both parents and children need to stretch themselves a bit towards each other and work towards a common platform. You must never let your ego ruin a precious bond.

Through compassion, empathy, and understanding towards each other’s generation, let’s enjoy an everlasting bond of respect and love. Every generation is precious, they are the identity of our very existence. Let’s not treat the differences as generation gaps but as ‘ Generation Links

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