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Yes, you read it right. It is high time we address this topic. Why should kids have all the manners? It is parents who teach their kids good manners. We teach them how to behave in school, home, class, tuition, friend’s house, relatives’ house, and the list does not end at all. But what happens when the tables turn? Don’t worry.

You are not going to get a crash course on all the above etiquette and manners like your children. We will do it one thing at a time. Today let us start with good school manners for parents (still sounds weird, but anyway).

Don’t compare

Imagine your child compares you to his friend’s parents. Even, hypothetically it hurts, doesn’t it? Think about what this would do to your child. Extra negative points if you do it in front of other parents or teachers. That will be an excellent way to make them resent you and themself. 

 Don’t criticize in front of everybody

Take an example of their result day. Whatever feedback you have, you can give it to them in a positive way when it is just you guys. There is no need to have a taunting session then and there. And anyhow, the time to teach was before the exam, not on the day of results. 

Doing your kid’s homework

Your child is given some work as per his age and capabilities. Children are assigned homework so that they can learn. It is not to test if you can still solve addition and subtraction problems or if you can put the correct article. It is just going to make them forever dependent on you, not to mention they will not learn things properly. 

The things that children learn at an early age are the foundation on which their 

entire future academics lie. If their foundation is not strong enough, they won’t be able to cope with their further studies. So, next time remember that just to save some time when you do their work for them, you are severely affecting their future.

Respecting their teachers

Generally, we must respect everyone. But especially those who teach are entitled to respect. Good school manners for parents include respecting the teacher who teaches their child. If, for some reason, your child isn’t performing well, it doesn’t give you the license to speak ill about the teacher. Bad Mouthing about some teachers because you did not get the expected results is a nasty habit.

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If you have a genuine concern about the teacher, then here are two ways to approach the situation, first is talking to the teacher, and the second is expressing your doubts to their supervisor. In both the above methods, being civil and mature is not optional. 

Talking on behalf of your child

Whenever someone asks your child a question, it generally means that it is expected of them to answer. It does not convey that they silently want you to answer. They need to be able to speak confidently in front of others without hesitation. And when you answer their questions for them, they lose their self-confidence. Also, there is a very high possibility that your child may have different opinions than you because they are different people than you (crazy, right?)

Not getting over-anxious about every little activity

It is school, don’t take it so seriously that you may have panic attacks just by thinking about a class test or a dictation test they have.  You being anxious will not help them do better in studies. It will only put unnecessary pressure on them, which will, in turn, make you panic more. I can go on and on in a circle until the end of the universe. Be calm. Don’t micromanage every minuscule detail of their school life.

Taking an interest in their school life for other than studies

School is not just about academics. It is also about finding something new to do and doing things you like to do. Acknowledge their interests even if they are not related to the curriculum.   

Not enrolling them for 1000 activities just to make them the perfect child

There are two kinds of extreme parents, Parents who are least bothered about extracurricular activities and parents who want their children to participate in every single extracurricular, co-curricular activity to make them the perfect child. Now there is no harm in wanting them to try new things, but don’t burden them so much that they don’t even have time to breathe. Let them try new things, but if they don’t like it, don’t fixate on it. 

Just like children need a list of good manners to know right from wrong, parents also need these good school manners to navigate parenting better one step at a time.

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