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We teach our children what to do in life. But do we teach them how to live their life? Do we teach them how to face their problems? How to handle the pressure? No. We were so busy trying to make their future that we missed some important life lessons along the way. Better late than sorry. There is still time for you to teach your child emotional intelligence. 

But teaching ‘how to teach EI’ is no simple task. It is time to call in the experts. They have been in the education business for a long time now. We all know them. They are very famous for what they do. So, today we will be guided by none other than ‘Winnie -the- Pooh and Piglet!’

So, Winnie- the- Pooh and Piglet have become grown-ups now. Pooh even has little Baby Pooh, who is just like him! Pooh and Piglet are meeting after a long time. Let us see what they talked about, and try to learn something from it, if possible.

Pooh: Well, Hello, Piglet! It sure has been a long time. I am so happy to see you. 

Piglet: Hello, Pooh! I am happy to see you too! So, tell me, how is Baby Pooh?

Pooh: Wonderful! He is turning out to be a fine bear just like me. He also loves Peanut butter and Honey without the Peanut butter, just like it should be. But-

Piglet: What is it? Is everything okay? Pooh, I am your best friend, you can tell me anything you know. 

Pooh: Everything is just fine. Except, Baby Pooh has me a bit worried. He has been crying a lot over silly things. He is also very cross all the time now. I worry about him. I don’t know what is wrong with him.

Piglet: Ohh, Pooh. I believe Baby Pooh has low Emotional Intelligence.

Pooh: What do you mean? Do you mean to say he is not intelligent? Why Piglet, it hurts me that you would say so about poor Baby Pooh. 

Piglet: No, Pooh. You misunderstand me. I would never say he is not intelligent. What I meant to say is, he has a low ‘emotional intelligence.’ It has nothing to do with being sharp. It means that he is having a hard time handling his emotions. So, when you said he is crying and getting angry over little things, I realized that he is having a tough time dealing and expressing his feelings. 

Pooh: Ohh, Bother! What am I going to do now? Piglet, can you please help me. I can’t see Baby Pooh hurting anymore. 

Piglet: Don’t worry. Of course, I will help you. That is what friends are for, after all. Do you remember when we were young, you had the same troubles as little Pooh here and how you learned about it?

Pooh: I do. But I don’t know what I have to do for him. I can do anything to see him smile and laugh again. 

Piglet:  You have to help him, just like we helped you when you were little. He needs you right now. 

Pooh: But how do I help him?

Piglet: First, tell me something, do you still get anxious over little things. Or lose your calm when things seem to get out of hand?

Pooh: Not always, only when there are problems like we have run out of honey or-

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Piglet: See! You are also doing the same! What if you ran out of honey, you can always buy some more, am I right? How will you teach Baby Pooh if even you have trouble dealing with difficulties?

Pooh: Yes, I suppose you are right. And anyways there is always more honey at the supermarket. I should be more calm from now on and not panic. I will be his role model. I will handle things better from now on. But what more can I do Piglet? 

Piglet: You remember when we were young, and you would feel sad? What did we do? We were always there for you. Whenever you felt low, we would be by your side. And then you would start feeling better. You would then talk to us about it. And you felt a little better again. Remember?

Pooh: Yes! I do remember. You would always stay with me when I was feeling a little blue. You would sit with me and patiently wait till I was okay. I liked it better when I knew I wasn’t alone. Even though you didn’t talk a lot, I felt that you will always be there to support me. So now all I have to do is go and be there for Baby Pooh? 

Piglet: Yes, exactly. Now you are getting it, Pooh. 

Pooh: But what if I become sad in front of him? If I see Baby Pooh get hurt, I won’t be able to control myself. I will be miserable too. I can’t do it, Piglet!

Piglet: No, Pooh. You have to do it. You have to be strong for him. He is not feeling good as it is, don’t make it worse by being sad yourself. When he is sad, he is weak. He needs someone who is stable and can help him come out of it. You have to pull him out of his sadness, not get pushed in it yourselves. I know it will be very tough for you. But you have to do it, for Baby Pooh. Can you do that?

Pooh: Yes, I can. I will be firm for both of us. But, the other day, he was crying because he wanted a toy when we were passing by a shop. I had bought Baby Pooh many toys just the previous month for his birthday. So, I told him, “we will buy it some other time.” He was beside himself. He cried so much that I could not bear it anymore. And I bought it for him. Do you think I should do that again?

Piglet: No. You should not give in to the demands of the situation. Baby Pooh is a nice cub. But, what if he gets the wrong idea? What if he thinks that he can get away with anything if he throws a tantrum? That will teach him the wrong things. He will try to get whatever he wants this way. It will spoil him. Is that what you want?

Pooh: I would never want that. I did not realize that I was spoiling him. Thank you, Piglet, I wouldn’t know what to do without you. What more should I do?

Piglet: You should talk to him about what is troubling him. A cub has to go through a lot of things in his life. Discuss it with him. But, remember Pooh, don’t talk to him when he is crying or feeling upset. Talk to him when he has calmed down. That way, he will listen to you. 

Pooh: Thank you so much, Piglet. 

Piglet: You are quite welcome, Pooh. I have- Oh, Dear! I did not even see the time! I have to dash now. I had promised Tigger to see his magic show. 

Pooh: Okay, then. Goodbye, Piglet. We will meet soon.

Piglet: Goodbye, Pooh. Say Hello to Baby Pooh for me.

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