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Now, one might think over the ambiguity of the word ‘energy.’ Is it the stamina and physical strength required to raise children? Without a shadow of a doubt, it is a prime aspect of parenting, which decides whether or not you can survive it.

But, no. Today, we are not talking about another interpretation of ‘energy.’ We are going to discuss the more intriguing meaning of energy, vibes. More specifically, the significance of vibes and how they factor in parenting. Vibes are how a person will perceive your emotional state. It is how you indirectly communicate with the people around you.

Everything we do impacts our children. So, we need to know how every action of ours will influence them in the right way. Here is how our positive energy transforms into personal growth for your child.

Home becomes a haven.

We do not get everything readymade. We have to put in our efforts. Whenever we buy a house, it comes with a lot of amenities and luxuries. But, warmth, care, and love are some of the features that are not in-built. You add life to the house, and you give it characteristics and personality. We notice that every home is unique. No, I am not talking about the infrastructure, but the ‘mood.’

In some places, we feel like we are welcome. And in some, all you can think about is getting out of there. So how does that happen? Is there some kind of technology added to the welcome-mats that we did not know? If only it were that easy. The tone of the house is the cumulative energy of the people living there.

When the people living in the house have positive energy, you feel instantly happy about being there. But if the vibes are negative, there is palpable tension in the atmosphere that makes you question your decision to come here. Now when outsiders can experience it, what about the people who live there? It is definitely going to affect them more.

If you are positive, then your house is going to radiate that energy. And your children are going to feel it. They will always feel secure and comforted at home. If not, there will always be a sense of foreboding when they have to be home. They will never be afraid to share anything at home. There will be mutual trust and understanding between everyone. 

High EQ

Children are unmolded clay. Whatever you do leaves impressions. Emotional intelligence decides how your child is going to react in various situations. It determines how they handle stress, pressure, and frustration.

Have you ever observed that children who have a sound background have a better handle on their emotions? They have a stable mind that helps them in handling high stakes situations. Positive energy gives them the support that they need to survive the challenges that life has to offer without cracking. 

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Your positive energy tells them that no matter what happens, they always have a support system at home. And it makes them immune to the external negative energy that would have ended in mental breakdowns. They are shielded from peer-pressure because they have high self-esteem and confidence that will not let them fall prey easily. 

Ability to handle their problems on their own

Whenever we are facing a complication, big or small, generally, there are three ways to go about it. First, you panic every single moment about the actual issue and forget about trying to solve it altogether. Second, you go for someone to help every time you think you are at the threshold of the mess without even trying to do it yourself before. Or third, and the rarest of all, you do it yourself.

But, it is the toughest of all the three options, for it requires high qualification. You need to have past experience in solving your own issues. It requires a high level of problem-solving ability. And, you need to be able to handle everything on your own without being overwhelmed. 

But, when your mind is not in the right state, you can hardly do anything. When children have a calm mind, they can think better and do it themselves. And that is where positive energy comes into action. It is like salt. You don’t really notice when it is there. But suffer terribly when absent from our lives. 

Better decision-making ability

Decisions require an all-round analysis of every aspect, and then we reach a conclusion. In addition to that, you cannot be accurate the instant you grow up. It requires years of practice and experience where you have faltered and learned from it.

When you are an adult, the stakes are high, and every small mistake can have catastrophic outcomes. So, it is better we start early when the situation is not so high-pressure. Having said that, this development is possible only when the children grow up in a supportive and upbeat household. And how do we manage to do that? You can refer to the first point here (or just look at the title).

More receptive

Having a listening mode is crucial if we want to learn, grow, and make progress in life. However, being receptive is not entirely the child’s responsibility. They learn from what they see at home. If the atmosphere at home is such that everyone’s opinions are heard and worked upon, they automatically start listening more.

On the other hand, if there is a dictatorship instead of democracy, such concepts will not be introduced to them until later in life when someone might tell them to have to be more receptive. 

Also, it becomes easier to listen to criticism when it is given in a calm and friendly environment. And not when it is in a place where there is mutual hatred, and nobody wants to listen to each other. The way you give advice goes a long way in deciding whether or not they will take it.

Have a positive outlook on life

The world is how we choose to see it. Everybody has a set way of seeing a situation, and that affects how they react to it. When you maintain positive energy in the house, it is contagious.

No matter how gnarly your children were before they came home, your positivity will catch on to them (or you will become snippy, depending on who has the strongest vibes), and they will have a fresh perspective on life. 

These were the benefits of having positive energy. These are the subtle things in life that go into shaping your child’s personality for the better.

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