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In the quest for professional success and personal fulfillment, you, the dedicated mother, face the heart-wrenching tug-of-war between career aspirations and the nurturing of your child. The guilt of missed bedtimes battles the pride of career milestones, leaving you in a relentless search for balance. You’re not just raising a child; you’re molding the future while sculpting your own legacy. Yet, in the quiet corners of a busy day, the questions echo: “Is my best enough? Can I give more to my child without losing myself?”

Enter a realm where your professional growth and your child’s developmental journey align in beautiful synergy. Our approach transcends conventional parenting wisdom, weaving your personal ambitions with the threads of nurturing guidance. Through bespoke strategies and compassionate coaching, we help lift the veil of doubt, empowering you to embrace both roles with confidence and grace. Your aspirations need not be sacrificed at the altar of parenting; let us show you how to blend these worlds into a harmonious life experience that resonates with success and familial bliss.

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7 out of 10 mothers are exhausted and they are in pain.

Many Mothers are in a Million Dollar Dilemma

1. Career vs Children?

2. What am I doing wrong?

3. Why my child doesn’t understand my problems?

4. I don’t have the ME TIME, what else can I do?

5. Why is my Child not excited to go to School?

6. Why my Child doesn’t listen to me?

7. Hubby blaming you for the behavior of the child?

8. Teachers complaining about the child’s performance?

9. And those jealous relatives who wanna tag you “ Bad Mother”

Forget the stress-eating basket of dark chocolates or the guilt of sugar-free ice cream. It’s time to savor life’s sweetness with a smile, knowing you’ve found a guiding light in the labyrinth of parenting. Join the ranks of over 1000 families who’ve seen transformative results—not by changing their children, but by evolving their parenting with our groundbreaking 2C formula.

You’re not repeating history with outdated methods; you’re pioneering the future with strategies that resonate in today’s world. Our 5 Step Approach has already liberated 500+ kids from gadget addiction, and our comprehensive video courses offer holistic wisdom at your fingertips. With weekly live calls, your pressing parenting questions don’t just linger—they’re answered.

Commitment is key, and it starts with our 30-day Virtual School for Parents. Just 15 minutes of daily dedication and an hour weekly Zoom class can uplift your child’s potential by at least 40%. More than a promise, it’s a pathway to a happier, more peaceful you.

So, are you ready to invest just 15 minutes a day for a lifetime of rewards? Take my hand, and together we’ll walk the path of transformation—for your child, for you, for a better parenting experience.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment; it’s here and now. Our doors are open, endorsed by 1000+ satisfied parents. Embark on this journey today and Unlock Your Child’s Potential with AB Kids Life.

THE 6 Benefits TO LEARN

#Benefit 1:

🧒 Effective Parenting, No Yelling Required: Say goodbye to constant threats and repetitive instructions. Our strategies are easy to implement, do not rely on unnecessary discipline, and do not restrict your child’s use of smart devices.

#Benefit 2:

📚 Resources Backed by Science: Benefit from strategies, techniques, and frameworks backed by science and over 10 years of experience. These methods have been tested and refined with over 100,000 families.

#Benefit 3:

📅 Practical Monthly Challenges: Our monthly parenting transformation challenges offer practical, actionable tips that take less than 5 minutes a day to implement.

#Benefit 4:

🎙️ Live Q&A Sessions: Join our weekly live calls with Amit Batra, where you can get answers to your most pressing parenting questions.

#Benefit 5:

Community of Happy Parents to support you in every step, Parent Comrades together achieving miracles. This community alone can solve half of your problems.

#Benefit 6:

🎙️ Live Q&A Sessions: Join our weekly live calls with Amit Batra, where you can get answers to your most pressing parenting questions.

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ABOUT your mentor

Amit Batra

Mission to carve diamonds out of stone fuels his fire. Amit Batra is a retired army officer turned entrepreneur famously known as AB among Parents, Children and Teachers. 

He is a kids life coach, teacher’s trainer and an expert in unraveling the mysteries of the subconscious mind through the science of handwriting analysis. This science is extensively practiced in the USA and European countries for a wide range of applications.

AB has impacted 100s of children, parents and teachers over the last couple of years. He has been helping teachers and parents to identify and remove roadblocks to a child’s path of excellence. What began as a journey of self transformation for AB has grown into a mission to create leaders of tomorrow out of young kids.

He has an uncanny ability to connect with children at ease, overcoming all kinds of generation gaps.


A young boy – writes mirror image of letters(dyslexia), poor focus, difficulty in studies – mother advised to take him to psychologist – joins HPH – 1 month – boy overcame almost all challenges,   

—  Akshata Jul 2023.

24 years old — learning disable, addicted to gadgets, very aggressive – mother joined HPH, 1 month – boy became disciplined and pursuing a professional course

– Roshni Hotwani

Mansi and her 13-year-old daughter Palak’s frequent conflicts, constant arguments transformed into peaceful understanding within just 13 days of joining the Happy Parents Hub, highlighting the transformative power of this supportive community. 

– Payal Aug 2023

After the COVID-19 pandemic, I transformed my parenting style from frustration and control to flexibility, and now my bond with my kids grows stronger every day, proving that positive change is possible.

– Neeru Bangwal


We are serious about bringing a change in the way parenting is done and we are serious about bringing the transformation in your child which you have been dreaming about. 

Within 2 weeks ask for a refund if you are not satisfied, we will refund 100% of the money with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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