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Hey guys, today we are going to answer a very complicated question. But before that, let us read a story. 

There was once a curious boy named Ani. He keenly observed everything around him and tried to comprehend everything. And that is why he loved going on walks. He saw so many different things and people that would provide fuel to his agile mind. 

It was the monsoon season. The wind was howling the day before. The next morning when Ani went for a morning walk, he noticed that the smaller plants had fallen. He saw it and went about his own way. 

That night the wind was back, and rain had decided to pay a visit. Ani feared that he would miss his morning walk if it continued this way.

Thankfully, everything was pleasant, and he did not have to miss it. Today, he noticed that even more plants had fallen. These weren’t as tiny as the previous ones, but they weren’t exactly huge. Ani had started to see a pattern here.

Now Ani wondered if his observations were right. However, he had to wait for it to rain again. And like clockwork, it started on time. But this time, there was something different. The wind was menacing, and it was raining buckets. Ani wanted to see what is going to happen the next day. 

But, he had to wait another day as it hadn’t stopped the next day. However, the next day he hurried outside to see if the huge trees had fallen. But to his surprise, they were standing as mighty as ever before. No amount of rain and storm was able to shake them.

That is when Ani decided to give it a proper thought. He wondered, what was the reason? He pondered over it for quite a long time. He was so lost in his own thoughts that he was unable to concentrate properly in school.

But, something caught his attention. His teacher was teaching them about the different parts of plants that day. The word ‘root’ had brought him back to the real world. His teacher was telling them that the roots of a plant grow under the ground and search for food and water in the soil.

The longer they grow, the stronger the tree becomes. 

His mystery was solved. Now, he knew why some plants fell and why some were still standing. But it did not stop here. He remembered another thing that he had observed. 

He had seen that some people would breakdown under the slightest pressure. And, while some would not budge in trivial problems, they would falter under complicated situations. And then there were the people who remained steady no matter how colossal the complication was. That is when he wondered, do people also have roots?

So, let us answer Ani’s question first (I promise we will get to the point soon). Yes, people also have roots. But, these are not physical roots. It is their emotional and mental health (and we are on the point). Everything is based on these factors.

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It is going to determine how well we are going to handle our personal as well as professional lives in the future. This is why we need to make sure we deepen the roots in childhood. Let us try to understand the importance of why we need to take care of emotional and mental health in childhood.  

It is the foundation.

The basics have to be clear in every field if you want to do well in the future. Let us take an example of mathematics. You cannot expect to be able to do well in future subjects like Algebra and Geometry if you are not yet clear with concepts like tables, BODMAS, and whatnot. Or in English.

You cannot go ahead with it until and unless you have etched the foundation like the articles, vowels, and consonants in your brain. Another example is construction. If you want to build a skyscraper, then you need to have a deep foundation. 

Similarly, if you want to succeed in life, you have to have a strong foundation. You cannot expect to do well if you are mentally and emotionally weak. 

Improved productivity

When you have a stable mind, and nothing is troubling you on the inside, you can purely focus on the task at hand. There is nothing to keep you away from giving your best at anything you do.

When your mind is disorganized, any small inconvenience is enough to get your frazzled. Instead of working on the issue, you end up fretting over the roadblocks. 

Having a stable mind does not come easy or early. You need to nurture your child’s mental health since childhood if you want them to accomplish their goals. 

Less affected by insecurities. 

Our immunity system fights for us and protects us from viruses and bacteria that intend to harm our bodies. In the same way, insecurities are viruses that attack our self-esteem and confidence, which makes us prone to self-doubt.

So when we are mentally healthy, all these do not affect us as much. We may occasionally feel low, but then we can always bounce back quickly. 

Being immune to things like peer pressure, inferiority complexes, and such has become crucial for children now more than ever. When everyone is trying to be someone else, being emotionally stable makes you comfortable in your own skin.  

Can handle stressful situations

Being mentally strong does not mean you will never encounter stressful conditions. But it means that you will not breakdown under extreme duress. Now, you may think, why will a child be stressed? There are multiple reasons.

You may not think it is a big deal. However, it does not have to be true for your child. Every stage in life has its own set of hurdles. And, if we avoid them, instead of facing them, they will all pile up and become one monstrous mess. So, whatever may the situation be, your children have to be mentally equipped.

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