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Video games are an amazing source of fun and entertainment. There is absolutely nothing like having a group of friends over and gaming away or spending some quality time gaming by yourself! But did you know along with entertainment, they also teach us a lot of things.

Here are 10 games which teach you concepts to remember for a lifetime in the most enjoyable way!

10. Skyrim

The concept best learned with this game is resource management. Throughout the game, you are using various stones available to you and are activating the skills associated with them.

Activation of stones happens according to your situation. You have to be extremely careful when selecting which stone to activate and how long to use it for.

This helps you build your resource management skills where you are dealing with the resources available to you. You will be able to take a call on what to use and how to use it according to the situation present before you. You can apply your skills in the real world as well and accomplish your tasks with ease!

9. Minecraft

How wonderful is the fact that you will be able to brush up your basic electrical knowledge while playing a game!

The electrical principles used in this game are very similar to the ones we use in real life. Knowing the basics of this engineering is always a plus point.

It is a very handy skill to have especially now that we are dealing with so many electronic gadgets all around us. Also, this game helps us know our way around using compasses and maps. So it adds on to our navigational skills too where you will be able to work well with a GPS in real life.

8. Cities: Skyline

Probably the best game which helps nurture strategic planning. In this game, you are the mayor of the city and are responsible for building it from the ground up.

You have to be very smart with how you use space since you have to maintain a balance between the various sectors like education, finance, healthcare, and police.

You also have to be cautious because every decision you take will affect your citizens as well. This game really gets your mind thinking.

It helps you develop your abilities to strategize in the real world as well where we are constantly piled up with multiple challenges.

You are able to understand the consequences of your decisions. You will learn how to plan well, prioritize your choices and at the same time be cautious too.

7. Pac Man

We all come across situations where you are needed to make a last-minute decision. This game helps you with your skills in quick thinking.

A fan-favorite game that will bring your childhood gaming memories flooding back! You are supposed to think quick and help Pac Man eat all the dots before the ghosts catch up to you.

If you don’t want the situation to get sticky, make sure to think quickly and act fast. This will help you in the real world where you will be able to keep your calm in an urgent situation and think rationally about what next.

This will help you save up on a lot of precious time which you can invest somewhere else.

6. CS Go

Nothing helps you work better in a team than a classic round of CS GO. It teaches you teamwork and cooperation. You constantly need to be communicating with your teammates.

Cooperation is also of extreme importance to secure a good win. There are times in the game where opinions and gameplays clash, similar to the outside world.

Your teammates and you might not always agree with each other. In such a situation, communication plays a major role.

You will learn to communicate with your teammates well and find common ground upon which both of you agree upon, just like in the game. Do this and you are in for a win.

5. Apex Legend

Probably one of the most important skills which will be of extreme advantage to you physically is your hand-eye coordination.

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You will be able to master this while playing a battle in Apex Legend. A game where you are given a choice from various legends who have their own special and unique skill sets.

Each of these legends moves with finesse and you need to have a lot of patience and put in constant efforts to be able to master their movements.

This helps develop your hand-eye coordination because along with going about the battle range, you are also on the look-out for set traps.

Recognizing them and steering away quickly will help you do well in the game. This game also helps in strategic planning as well because carefully selecting your legend, each having their own multiple abilities is a huge task in itself. 

4. Unchartered

This is an amazing game to test out your complex problem-solving abilities and develop them as well. Throughout the game, you are on a mission to uncover historical mysteries while performing various tasks given to you.

It is a game full of adventure and action with multiple challenges popping up before you. You are required to overcome various challenges which include numerous puzzles as well.

It really gets you thinking and improves your concentration too. When faced with problems in real life, instead of panicking you will be able to analyze the situation well and come to a proper decision.

3. Game Dev Tycoon

This game for sure is the best you can have to learn risk-taking! You are required to take well-calculated risks and develop games that need to go on to become best sellers.

You begin from the bottom and build your way up to making your company a success. But success comes at a cost.

So you need to be smart and know the consequences of taking the risks involved.  Applying this logic in the real world, you will be able to handle this skill well.

To reach greater heights in whatever you are pursuing, taking the safe way to the top will not always get you where you want to be.

You need to be prepared to take up any sort of challenge that life throws your way and you need to face it head-on with confidence.

To be able to do this, you need to be precise with your choices and be able to take those calculated risks. This game might just do wonders for you.

2. Clash Of Clans

A very popular game that has a huge fanbase. This game is a very good example to learn about human resource management.

In the game, you are required to look after and train your troop whilst creating and taking care of your city. Then you can assign the troops various tasks to complete and issue orders to attack or protect accordingly.

When you are managing a huge crowd outside the gaming world, this skill will come very handy.

With the task of assigning roles and taking care of the numbers being your responsibility, you will be able to fulfil your role with expertise.

The knowledge of knowing how many people to deploy for which task and how long to keep them there comes with experience. This game gives you just that.

It challenges your management skills and forces you to bring out the best.


This list would be incomplete without mentioning the #1 game which is ruling the markets! It is none other than PUBG.

While this game has various aspects to it which teach you various concepts right from resource management to communication, the best concept it can teach you is stress management.

With the options in the game where you can decide to play a solo, duo or a squad match, it definitely is capable of putting you in a tight spot every once in a while.

Your objective is to defeat other players while being careful not to get caught. You also have the circle which keeps closing in and taking out players who linger outside of it.

With constant threat of being attacked by your enemies, you also have to take care of your teammates if they are knocked out.

With so many things happening at the same time, you are sure to feel stressed. This game helps you overcome that barrier with time and you are able to perform as well under any given circumstances. 

It is an extremely competitive game which is sure to make you give your 100% and also teaches you to handle pressure situations and feel less stressed.

Final words

Like I said in the beginning, video games have their own sets of skills and concepts which one can learn. It is now your task to take on those lessons and utilise them well in the real world. 

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