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Am I an overprotective parent? This question pops in almost every parent’s mind at least for once. That’s why we have provided certain pointers regarding this that’ll help you figured it out.   

Parenting is an art of balancing and, in order to ace it, you need to accept the reality that you’re only a human, just like your child. Humans learn through observation and through practical experiences: they make mistakes, they fail, they get injured, however, eventually they become smarter in the process.

In order to nurture a healthy child that gradually have your back and become self-sufficient, you need to let them go and face the real world.

Of course, you as parents want to protect your kids. We all do. But are you turning into an overprotective parent who actually may be blocking a child’s complete potential? Watch out for these signs that you’re an overprotective parent and find out what you can do to ease up on the reins.

Putting Your Child in a Bubble 

Life was not so filled with sunshine and unicorns. Today’s children are playing intense video games we never would have imagined possible to create. They’re faced with dangers we didn’t have to worry about and has a vast choice regarding what to watch on Television where when we were kids didn’t really have that privilege. 

We definitely want to protect them as long as we can from anything serious. As much as we would like to let our children grow up in a bubble away from the real world, however, it’s simply not likely to happen.

It’s pretty better for you to teach them about some of the harsh realities of the contemporary world to make them more street smart. Instead of finding out from friends or getting into a situation where they have to go along with the crowd because they don’t have any idea what’s going on. That bubble cannot protect them for so long and that’s why you have to make sure that you’re the one who teaches them about the world around them like a loving and caring parent.

Constantly Checking upon Them

Your child’s teachers are on speed dial so you can often get an update on how they’re performing in class. They can’t go to their friend’s house down the street without you calling them every hour. You’re always asking if they’re okay and if there’s anything you can do for them, in short, your mind always on your kids.

As doting parents, we sometimes confuse between protecting and overprotecting our child. We only want to make sure that they’re doing well though that can lead to us suppressing them and freaking out when they’re out of our sight.

Yes, you should be in touch with your child’s teachers. Of course, you should check to make sure your child made it to their friend’s house. Do communicate with your child to see how they’re doing. Along with it, give them time to discover and handle things on their own. You can’t be always there to protect them.

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Stopping Your Child From Making Choices

Your child wants to try cricket this year but you know they’re excellent at soccer. Your child wants to be on the Maths team with his best friend but you know their strength lies in English. They wanted to try a different summer camp instead of the same camp they’re going to for the past four years.

Sometimes we absent-mindedly prevent our kids from branching out on their own. It’s all right if they’re not that great at cricket but really want to give it a try. It doesn’t matter if the main motive for joining the maths team is because their buddy will be their teammate. And if they wanted to go to a different summer camp to explore something new, that’s okay too. You have to support and respect their choices.

Allow your child to make some of their own decisions regarding their interests and pursuits. They’ll experience freedom and thus become a more independent individual, which is what we all want for our children.

Reminding Them of Danger…Regularly

Keeping your kids safe should always be a topmost priority. Scaring them half to death with every little thing they do isn’t always the best method, though.

If you find yourself continuously shouting “Don’t!” and “Stop!” at your child, for instance, “don’t do that” and “stop there”. All your child focus is on the negatives coming from all directions with everything they try to do. If they are playing in the street, obviously you’ll want to tell them to stop. However, you can also add, “Be extra careful while you’re there”. If they’re headed up towards the seesaw at the playground for the 100th time, you can take a break, watch carefully, and know that they got this.

Managing Your Child’s Friendships

Yash is such a kind boy. Your child has to be best friends with him. 

How incredible it would be if we could pick and choose our child’s friends. Then obviously, we wouldn’t want our parents picking and choosing our friends back then, would we?

While it doesn’t really matter to break the ice for our kids sometimes to introduce them to other children, although, that doesn’t mean that we can force them into a friendship just because it would be oh-so-great if your best friend’s kids were besties with yours.

At times, it is good to interfere when necessary, though. So-called friendships that are harmful, such as another child physically or mentally harming your child need to be discussed, without any doubt. We all wish best for our kids however they need to fall sometimes to take lessons.

Kids need room to grow and develop and to make slips and learn from actual consequences. But it’s tough to let them explore and it’s pretty messed up sometimes. If you’re an overprotective parent, it’s never too late to take a step back. Give your child a little more space. Guide them along the way but don’t protect them from EVERYTHING.

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