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Teenage… the most awkward stage of everyone’s life. We were trying really hard to understand what’s going on with us. However, at the same time, it was a beautiful experience full of excitement, enthusiasm, and of course lots of friends. Just like a coin, a teenager also has two sides, apart from those magical moments, we also have to face some challenges

In this blog, we’ll be discussing what are the most common pains that keep children from being focused. There are countless problems in their life. You’re really lucky if your child is sharing their life with you. But, if they’re not, then you must understand by observing them.

They have to undergo a lot and also are expected to deal with hormonal changes, puberty, social and parental forces, school pressures, and so on. Many teens consider themselves that they’re misunderstood. It is necessary that their feelings and thoughts are validated and that validation must come from their parents. Parents need to address their children, who have been dealing with teenage growth concerns, thoughtfully, and in a friendly manner to discuss the concerns.

Let’s try to understand what types of pain that children had to go through and what are these hurdles that keeping them away from being focused:

  1. Peer Pressure

Peer pressure has become a real problem these days. Children tend to think that in order to become “popular” or “acceptable” in society, they need to do what others want them to do. Friends play an essential role in this. For example: if your friends are going for an outing and they want you to come along, then you have to say yes, even if you don’t want to go. You have a fear of what they’d think if you don’t go. This is what is termed as peer pressure. 

Parents can help their children by not pressuring them to do anything. Teach them to be brave enough to take their stand. They should not let anyone exploit them. 

  1. Low confidence

Growing children might have low confidence. The main reason behind this would be they start feeling shy. Shyness is a trait that comes when the child is growing. They think that it would be worthless to share their thoughts or opinions or nobody cares enough to listen to them. So why would they share anything?

This is an absolutely wrong thinking process. Parents need to appreciate their children and make them feel that they care about them. Give them new challenges and let them get through that by themselves. Let them handle their own problems. By doing this, they’re going to have confidence in themselves. 

  1. Bullying

Children often start bullying each other just for the sake of fun or they wanted to have that cool personality. Bullying can be offline or online. And it can be done by anyone. But we need to dig deeper as the situation is much more serious than we think. It has been observed that children who bully others are most of the time angry or frustrated or they’re struggling socially or once they’d be being bullied by someone else. If someone is a victim, then parents need to understand their situation and talk to them. Tell them that they are brave and they will surpass this situation. They must feel comfortable and know that they can share anything with you.

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  1. Hormonal changes

The most uncomfortable stage of life. Children are getting their hormonal changes, parents better brace themselves. 

These changes can lead to many obstacles. Children start discovering some major changes in their body and might not be ready for those. With all these changes, it is really hard for them to stay focused. This is the time when they find other attractions in their life. They are undergoing changes like growing hair, pimples, body growth, and so on.

As a parent, you yourself have undergone that stage, so try to be as supportive as you can be. Strengthen yourself to see some attitude and mood swings. This can be very difficult to handle but you’ve got this. Just give them some time to get comfortable. 

  1. Friendship

This is the time when we make friends for life. Friendship has its own beauty and that’s why sometimes children give more importance to their friendships than their own blood relations. Friendship is a whole emotion. It comes with both positive and sometimes negative traits. Sometimes there might be a feeling of jealousy, competition, or revenge. Friends might distract each other. For example, if one friend tries drugs, then they try to influence others to do the same. Similarly, they can ask each other to steal some valuables, cheat in the exam, or do some pranks on teachers or their fellow classmates. 

Parents need to keep a check on their child’s friend circle. Have some play dates with your child’s friends in your house and try to indulge your child in family gatherings. 

  1. Appearance

Children became really curious about their appearances, esp teenagers. At this age, we all wanted to look our best. And in doing so, kids often got distracted. They try to become someone else and thus start adapting the wrong methods. Body shaming is not that new in the kid’s world. They have become really curious about their looks. Researchers said that this happens more in girls than boys. In order to look pretty, they start dieting, using the makeup and whatnot. 

Parents need to look into the matter and teach their child that outer looks don’t matter. Personality is what really matters. If they’re facing any issue with body shaming, then talk to them about decency. 

  1. Depression

Sometimes children might feel depressed about their life which is normal. Only if they do not get into really deep. It can have a really bad effect on their health and on their brain as well. There might be psychological contributors to depression that may include low self-esteem, negative social skills, negative body image, being excessively self-critical, and often feeling helpless while dealing with negative circumstances. 

Parents are required to keep in touch with their children. Make them do some exercises, meditation, and also teach them some breathing exercises. Make it a habit that before going to bed you must spend some time with your child and just randomly talk to them. 

These are some of the distractions that today’s children might undergo. They need us, our attention, someone to guide them. Be that person. You need to teach them that together we can face any hurdle. Your presence matters a lot. Help them to get over these pains so that they can focus on what’s important. 

Good luck!

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