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Parenting has become daunting these days for most of the parents. The responsibility of raising a healthy, happy and well-adjusted child can sometimes feel overwhelming for parents. The reason why parenting has become so challenging is due to the fact that our lifestyle is rapidly changing with newer requirements and demands being instilled into our lives. Gone are the days of simple living and of joint families when father used to go out and do work for a good living for his family and the mother and the extended family used to be at home and do household chores and raise children. In recent times, both father and mother go out for work to fulfill their kid’s needs and for a happy living. And why not! But the imbalance occurs when today’s parents involve themselves too much in work, their ambition and aspirations, social life and activities and so many other trivial issues, that they start ignoring the kids and their requirements.

For some parents, balancing between work and parenting duties become a stressful and challenging task. But parents need to smoothen the crease and must learn to manage the requirements of life along with the essential parenting duties. 

Some new age parental challenges you may identify with are:

  • Scarcity of time- one of the most imperative challenges that a parent faces today is scarcity of time. In twenty-four hours, parents have to go through a lot of things. They have to juggle through office work, household chores and spending time with kids. Finding a balance becomes a challenge.
  • Emotional dissolution– The lack of emotional bond is also a parental challenge many faces in life. In their struggle to balance life’s daily chores they may fall short in connecting with their own children. Understanding the feelings of each other is 
  • essential for the affection and emotional bond and interdependence to grow. When the emotional bond between parents and kids get broken, children go astray from parents and live in their own world.
  • Being a role model– Good parents have to be role models for their children. ‘Your kid always watches you and imitates.’ Parents always have to think twice before saying or doing anything in front of their children. Parents might find it challenging.
  • Establishing discipline– a discipline is a short word but it includes not only punctuality but also it encompasses all the virtues needed for a better and respectable life. Parenting follies and social influence may lead the children to go astray. 
  • Demands of a Child -Discontent kids and their ever-demanding nature can cause parental frustration.
  • Failure in imparting moral values– Due to lack of time, parents fail to notice the changes happening in a child. Children in the absence of parental supervision may get influenced and attracted to immoral values and means. This may prove to be a daunting challenge for parents.
  • Social Media Addiction:  Lack of supervision and care may also result in a child’s dependence on gadgets and social media. They might look for emotional connect with strangers on social media.


Our Society is evolving into a community where all genders are given equal opportunities and it’s a praiseworthy achievement. But in all our advancement we cannot forget to nurture the future of our society, our children. As parents, it should be our utmost concern and priority.

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The root cause of parental challenges is caused due to imbalances in balancing the office, household work, and the child’s emotional and physical care. 

It is not always possible to be perfect parents and we will make mistakes. But the key to parental challenges is to find a survival kit to solve these challenges in a positive way.

To deal with Parenting barriers, this Survival Kit may come useful to all parents:

  • Clock: Follow time management 
  • Paper and pen: Prioritise and make a list or a time table.
  • Calendar App for deadlines and priority work.
  • ‘Reserved’ Label: No matter how busy your schedule is you should always reserve some quality time for your kids
  • Pots ‘n’ Pans and lots of fun: Involve your child into child-appropriate household work. This way your child gets to be with you and also learns life skills .
  • Buttons: Parents must realize the possible imbalances in life and be prepared to react to them in the best possible, positive manner. They must button up their lips against mean, harsh rebukes at kids  that might affect the child adversely. Discipline a child with understanding and not with punishments. Discuss and make them feel and know the positive outcomes of a disciplined life.
  • Mirror: Make it a habit to think before saying or doing anything, it will make you a better person and a good reflection for your kids to follow.
  • Candy Hugs to remind the  Parents to take out time from whatever they are doing, to hug and show affection to their children. It is very important for a child and parent to be emotionally connected with each other. When a parent and child are emotionally connected to each other then children share their feelings with them and feel safe and happy around. 
  • Elastic: Be flexible around your kid. Every child is different and has different milestones, respect that and empathise with them without comparing them. 
  • Presence not Presents: Parents in their guilt consciences pamper their children with gifts. This may spoil the child and make her demanding. Give your time instead, and if you cannot for some urgent reason then explain it to the child. He will understand.
  •  Friendship bands: Create a bond of compassion with your child with two-way communication and empathy. 
  • Games: Play with your child and spend time to share thoughts and ideas with him. Encourage your child to go out and play or involve in creative and literary groups with like-minded friends. Your child will be gadget and social media free!.
  • Books: Inculcate moral values daily in a child, read moral based stories, stories of a famous personality, generate moral habits and kindness.

Last, but not the least, your Survival kit should also have,


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