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Well, who doesn’t like books? I mean apart from the textbooks! (obviously)

Corona has attacked and is destroying our whole humankind. We can beat it by staying at home…and I know how boring that sounds! However, we can make this time in a fun time by reading some books. So, in this blog, we shall learn more about books which are totally handpicked and of various genres. 

With all this terrific situation going on, it’s quite essential that we stay stable and positive. Reading habit is very crucial and thus we got this “me-time” to spend some more time with ourselves. Everything in this world is temporary, but when you’re reading a book, it leaves you in another dimension. You have a new world of imagination. By the help of books, you can take a time off from this reality and relax your mind and soul.

However, the main question arises…”Where to begin?” 

Don’t worry as we have selected several books which you should read in your teenage years. Although, this list is not in any specific order.
1. In The World Of Ripped Jeans, I Found A Pyjama Boy

The book is nicely presented by Mehak Dhingra and Mokshit Batra. Why you should read this? Because it would let you think in a way which you’ve never thought. Parenting has always been a topic which usually parents avoid or don’t want to talk about openly. After reading this book, parents are going to understand their child more efficiently. Peer Pressure is something which our youth is majorly suffering from and thus we need a solution…which is this book!

This book is a blessing not only for to-be parents but also for the parents who have teenagers and don’t know how to keep up with them.  

2. The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in our Stars is a novel which is written by John Green. The story revolves around two teenagers, who are suffering from cancer. They have fallen hopelessly in love which leads to some amazing adventures and to know what happens next you should definitely read this book. Life is too short and we often take it very lightly. We should try to live our life to the fullest as we don’t know what’s gonna happen next.

It is the perfect time to read this one if you haven’t already as we need to understand the importance of this time. 

3House of nights

House of nights is a series of vampire-themed novels by  Kristin Cast and P. C. Cast. If you are a huge fan of vampire inspired books as it takes you to another world, they’re compelling, fascinating and have lots of twists and turns. Then you should definitely go for this one. 

The storyline of this series starts when a 16-year-old Zoey gets Marked by a vampire and soon undergoes the changes. In this transition, she had to leave her friends and family behind and move to the House of Night which is a boarding school. 

Will she be able to get herself ready for this new life? Find out by reading this series of 12 books in your self-isolating time.

4.The 7 Habits of highly effective teens

“The 7 habits of highly effective teens” is the 1998 best-selling self-help book by Sean Covey. In this book, the author found 7 basic habits which should be practised by teens in order to become more independent and answers the question which might have crossed your mind whether you are in your teenage or already have passed. The book contains personal stories so that people would relate.  Help yourself to become a strong person, emotionally and mentally by reading this book.

5. The Present

The Present is written by Spencer Johnson. The story revolves around a young man. The story shows the evolving time from his adulthood until he got old. Through this book, Spencer tried to convey the message that all we have is the Present, everything else is just temporary. We need to find our Present so that we can lead a happy, satisfying and successful life. The biggest gift you can give to yourself is Present and once you understand its importance, you can pursue anything.

6. Confessions of a Dying Mind: The Blind Faith Of Atheism

If you want to read something very philosophical then one must go for this one. The book is written by Haulianlal Guite, who is an IAS officer. The book describes various theories about God, the latest findings of modern science and some solid theories of philosophy. We must get confused about God and the Science, their relationship with each other and what should we believe in?

You might get all your answers when you read this nonfiction book.

7. Say no To Happiness

Say no to Happiness is written by Madhu Namboodiri, in which he discusses various aspects of life. He further added that we should not rely only on our “luck” to achieve something, rather we should set our goals. These goals must be realistic and achievable. There’s no shortcut to success. The author shares many real-life events to motivate readers to lead a meaningful life ahead.

8. Atomic Habit

Atomic habit is written by James Clear, who is one of the world’s leading experts on habit formation. If you are having trouble changing your habits then you should probably read this one. Many of us are really stressed out because of our habits but the real reason is our system. We need to change that not ourselves. It will change your thinking process and help to transform ourselves accordingly. To find more ways in which we can get rid of our bad habits, you know which book you should choose. 

9. You are a Badass

This book is perfectly portrayed by Jen Sincero. If you have doubts about your life and you have a strange fear to start something new, then you should definitely get this book. Many of us are confused when it comes to making a choice. By the end of this book, you’ll get to know how to live your life to the fullest, what exactly you want from life, your aspirations, and most importantly how to love yourself. We often forget how we should treat ourselves. We shouldn’t try to change ourselves but instead, we should fall in love with ourselves. 

10. The subtle art of not giving a fuck

Yeah, one should definitely go for this one. We’ve always been told to stay positive and by being positive we can surpass any situation. Well, Mark Manson (author) has a different approach. According to him, we are not facing reality as we are supposed to. We all want the sugarcoated life but there are winners and losers. It is an absolute reality. Try to find what’s important to you and leave the rest. Mark uses his humour and cleverness to showcase the truth of our existence. By the end of reading this book, you get to know the sad truth about life, you’ll feel free and accept everything around you. 

So these are certain books that you should give it a try. We have to survive this phase. Meanwhile, try to keep yourself as busy as possible. We can fight against Corona if we stay healthy (physically and mentally), focused, and take good care of hygiene. It’s the right time to take out those books which you’ve bought years ago and read them. We have given this time to improve ourselves as a human, so do utilize it by doing something productive every day!

Happy reading!

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