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The spread of the life-threatening virus, Covid-19 is on its peak. The whole world is suffering and yet we don’t have its antidote. Till then, what we can do on our level, is to maintain our personal hygiene. 

In this blog, we shall learn about this pandemic, how can we take care of ourselves & our Kids and in order to do that can we make our own Hand Sanitizer?

Let’s start with basics and learn more about this disease.

Covid-19 is like the flu which can spread from one person to the other. If an infected person sneezes or coughs, the droplets containing the virus might get to the other through eyes, mouth or nose. There are chances that the virus might be present on some surfaces and when you touch that surface, you’re carrying it. And when you touch your face, it gets transmitted. That’s where personal hygiene comes into the picture. 

Almost, the entire world is suffering from the Coronavirus and with this, the demand for hand sanitizers are rapidly increasing. Health Officials prefered to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, however, wherever it’s not possible then you can use hand sanitizers. With the increasing demand, they are getting out of stock very easily and we all suffering from this problem. 

Although, there is a solution to this problem and that is… to make your own hand sanitizer. Yes, we are dead serious. You can make hand sanitizer at home with just 3 ingredients!

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Before starting, there are a few things you have to keep in mind:

  • Since you’re making a sanitizer, you need to be extra careful. Wash your hands thoroughly. 
  • All the containers should be clean and hygienic. Esp the bottle in which you’re going to put that sanitizer. 
  • According to WHO, once your sanitizer is done, let it sit for at least 72 hours. After that, your homemade sanitizer is ready to use!

Now, let’s start with the procedure:

What you need:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol       150ml (Rs. 90)
  2. Aloe Vera    75gm (Rs. 48)
  3. Essence      10 drops (Rs. 5)

These quantities are well enough to make 200ml of hand sanitizer. 

How to make homemade hand sanitizer:

  1. Pour all the ingredients in a clean bowl.
  2. Mix them well with a spoon until it changes into a gel-like mixture.
  3. Pour it out in a bottle and voila your homemade hand sanitizer is ready!

You can make this sanitizer at a cost of Rs. 143 whereas when you go to a market you have to spend around Rs. 100 for 50ml.

In this self-quarantine time, try this DIY. It not only keeps you busy in some activity but also saves you from the germs and as well as your money.   

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