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We all want to utilize our free time and the best we can do is to opt for a hobby. It’s not feasible for all of us to have an outdoor hobby. Sometimes, we don’t have enough time to go out. In such scenarios, indoor hobbies joined the chat. We can make a schedule in which we can give an hour or at least 30 minutes daily to ourselves in order to refresh ourselves and get our mind off work for some time. In that period of time, we should try our best to stay away from technology and totally focus on that particular activity. 

A life without a hobby is like a body without a soul. Our lives are so dull right now, we are working for others and too unwillingly. We need to start working on ourselves, on our happiness, what makes us happy and satisfied. 

Are there any BENEFITS?!


It’s our typical human nature that we tend to find benefits every time we try to indulge in a new activity. However, there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why we’ll be providing some benefits of having a hobby.

  1. Gives you a Break

If you’re an employee and you’re working non-stop, sitting in front of your screen obviously makes you dull, tired. Not limited to that, it can kill your creativity also. 

If you’re a student, you tend to have back to back classes in school and after that your tuition classes. 

From the very beginning, we kept ourselves busy and that makes us dull and very much bound. We need a break (physically and mentally) to stay sane and focus. According to experts, adding any activity in our lives, we have more life satisfaction.

  1. Gives the capability to face new challenges

If you adopt a new hobby, you tend to face a new challenge. In the beginning, you have to face failure as nobody is that much perfect that he’ll do that new activity for the first time. It boosts your confidence and you get out of your comfort zone. Hobbies add colours and meaning to your monotonous life and thus makes you a stronger person.

  1. Hobbies are Stress Burster

It is proven that a hobby can cure your stress!

A hobby is a pleasurable activity, it is an activity which totally challenges your personality. It has to be quite unusual so that it excites you. Take a time out and do yourself a favour by adopting a hobby.

The list goes on. Hope now you understand why it’s important to have a hobby. Many corporates have understood this thing and they are focusing that their employees should do some activities. 

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Many schools are also giving guidance to their students that must have an interest in any extracurricular activities for their choice.

As the famous saying goes, “Better late than never”. 

It’s not too late, you still have time. And to help you, we are providing a bunch of Indoor Hobbies, from which you can choose from:

  1. Upcycling

We all have tons of things in houses, which we don’t use anymore. Let’s just try to utilise them. Yes, they are very useful and with your creativity, you can fill them with new life. Upcycling is basically nothing but turning your trash to a treasure. Crafting has a very therapeutic effect on our brain and helps us to keep calm and creative.  

  1. Painting

You don’t have to be an artist to go for this hobby. Who knows after some practice, you can be! Draw or paint anything you want. It keeps your mind calm and gives great relief from stress.  

  1. Cooking

Put some light music on and start your cooking journey. No matter if you’re doing it for the first time or you do it daily. Try out some different recipes, cuisines or polish your baking skills and be innovative.  

  1. Learn a Language

You’ll find a lot of language options online to choose from. It could be regional or international, totally based on your choice. Once you’ve started learning a new language, you’ll feel more culturally connected to that particular region.  

  1. Yoga

Nowadays, the whole world has recognised the power of yoga or meditation. Everybody knows how important yoga is for our mental and physical health and yet we ignored it. We all have work stress or study stress, and we need to get out of this and keep ourselves calm.

  1. Try a DIY

Ignite that creative side of yours by trying out some DIYs (Do It Yourself). You must’ve watched at least one such video online and if not you’ll get a ton of those over the internet. Well, it’s time to try them out by yourself!

  1. Read a bunch of books!

This is the time to dust off those books which you have kept in your cupboard and start reading them. Take out some time from your busy schedule and try to make a habit of reading at least 30 pages of your favourite novel before going to bed. It not only creates a habit of reading but also teaches us some essential lessons.

  1. Gardening

If you’ve done gardening once in your lifetime, you probably know why we’ve included it in this list. You can grow something new, for example, any flower, fruit, or vegetable. You even get these seeds from your own house. Gardening teaches us to be more responsible, patient and make us believe that good things often take some time.

So, just enjoy the process! 

Worry not if you don’t have soil handy, try hydroponics the new age gardening.

  1. Gaming

The best way to spend some time with your family is by having a game night. It’s a great way to get along with your kid. Utilise this time by creating a bond with your family.

In short, Gaming is Family Bonding Time! So try to make most of it.

These are some of the indoor hobbies you can go for. It’s high time to put ourselves first. We need to understand the importance of me-time. Parents must spend time with their kids, and encourage them to opt for a hobby. Do something that makes you happy, content and satisfied. 

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