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Coronavirus pandemic has spread to the whole world. Every citizen of every country got affected in one way or the other. All of us are practising social distancing by keeping ourselves in Quarantine. We are keeping ourselves in isolation, however, isolation doesn’t mean that we are alone. 

We can turn this unfortunate time to a happy time. In this blog, we’ll tell you how…

Cooking is an art of making food suitable for consumption. When we’re kids we used to throw tantrums every now and then. Our food choice usually includes junk food. Growing gradually make us understand that we were so wrong, that eating healthy and homemade food is nothing but a blessing. 

The best you could do is start cooking as it will keep you busy and is a stress buster. Feeling it’s quite late? Well, it’s nothing like too late when it comes to cooking. Keeping this in mind, we have handpicked some interesting food items that you want to give a shot. 

Let’s begin our delicious journey:
1. Parantha Pizza

It’s time to add some twist to your regular parantha. 

Who doesn’t love pizza? And paranthas are a forever love. So, why don’t we combine our two favourites into one? Sounds yummy?

Recipe: While making your regular parantha, containing your filling (Capsicums, onions or olives), spread some Pizza sauce and put the parantha on Tawa. After being cooked with both sides, add some cheese to one side. 

And woosh! Your parantha pizza is ready!  

2. Kebab from Leftover Veggies

Does your refrigerator contain a large bowl of last night’s Aloo Gobhi? Well, that won’t be a problem as you can make delicious kebabs from that. Your kids will love to have them for breakfast. These kebabs are healthy as well as will become your kid’s favourite.

Recipe: Take your last night’s vegetable, mix some cornflour to make a dough. Make some small balls and cook them for a few minutes. Your Vegetable Kebab is ready and served with some ketchup. 

3. Oats Spinach Pancake

Pancakes are not restricted to a certain age group. Everybody loves them. Making pancakes is so much fun as you can experiment with different recipes. You can indulge your kids while making pancakes and make this time a family bonding time. 

Recipe: First you need to blend oats, baking powder and a pinch of cinnamon. Then, blend spinach, milk, yoghurt and vanilla (optional). Mix these two mixtures and then put the batter on the Tawa. Cook them from both sides and voila! It’s ready. You can use honey for seasoning. 

4. Vegetable Fried Rice

What to do with last night’s rice? Turn them into some amazing fried rice. This is the best way to utilize your leftover rice. Fried rice is a good source of fibre, minerals and carbs. And when you add vegetables, it’s like a cherry on top. 

Recipe: Saute some veggies like peppers, carrots, garlic and spring onion with some soy sauce and salt, pepper. Don’t overcook, as there has to be some crunch in them. Then add rice and cook for several minutes. Serve hot.

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5. Rice Flour Dosa

Kids are at home and they demand food every hour. This leaves you wondering, what should you make next? Don’t worry as we’ve a solution to this problem. You can try a Dosa, made with rice. Dosa is not only healthy but also an all-time favourite. 

Recipe: Mix some rice and Urad dal . Grind them to flour consistency. Mix them well. Let this batter to ferment and then put on a greasy pan, moving in a circular motion. And your dosa is ready!

6. Rasgulla from Paneer

Give yourself a break from all the savoury food and it’s time to try out something sweet. What could be a better option than Rasgullas. They are not quite easy to make but also not that difficult and at the end they are worth all the efforts. 

7. Chapati Poha

Do not throw last night’s chapatis as you can make a tasty poha from that. Yeah… I know that sounds really weird but it’s true! You can utilize those chapatis and turn them into poha. 

Recipe: Break the chapatis into small pieces. The whole procedure remains the same just like your regular poha. You need to add crushed chapatis in it and cook for some time. And your chapati poha is ready.

8. Fruit Salad

All the parents have gone through the struggle of making a habit of eating fruits to their kids. To make this a little bit interesting, you can cut the fruits and add a pinch of Chat Masala. It not only looks interesting but also tastes good. Fruits are a great source of nutrition and parents must do every effort in order to make kids eat them. 

9. Masala Appe

Your breakfast should be healthy and interesting. And to add a twist to your regular breakfast, you can try making Masala Appe. They are very easy to make and are healthy.

Recipe: You need to create a batter of suji, water and salt. And let it at rest for 20 minutes. Then, for the masala, saute some veggies like carrots, onion, chilli and garlic. Mix these two mixtures and put them in Appe pan. Cook them from both the sides and enjoy them with some green chutney.

10. Mug Cake

Mug cake is everyone’s favourite and is super easy to make. We will teach you the easiest recipe to make a yummy mug cake.

Recipe: Grind some of your favourite chocolate biscuits and add sugar and milk. Then add some baking powder and grease the mug, add this mixture. Then microwave for 3 minutes. Your mug cake is ready and enjoy it with your favourite chocolate syrup.

11. Moong Dal Chilla

Chillas are really healthy and everybody loves to eat these savoury pancakes. The procedure of making these is super easy and time-saving. 

Recipe: Grind the moong dal, ginger, water to make a smooth paste. Then add onions, coriander and spread this batter on the Tawa. Cook this from both sides and serve with some green chutney.

These are some of the interesting food items that you can try during the quarantine. Do try these recipes as during this tough time we have to keep ourselves strong both physically and mentally. Cooking is the best therapy as it calms you down, throwing all dullness from your life and through cooking, you can give yourself a healthy lifestyle. 

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