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It’s a very well known fact that our Indian Kitchen is full of magical ingredients. When we got sick, our mom quickly made a Kadha (which is way too bitter!) for us and woosh!  It works like magic, for sure. 

The whole world has suffered and is suffering from Coronavirus. To protect ourselves from this deadly virus we can buy sanitizers, masks and can maintain social distancing. However, these are not sufficient. We have to focus on our health. We need to understand that there is no cure to COVID-19 yet. The least we can do is to make sure our kids stay healthy and work upon their immunity. According to medical experts, people who have a not-so-strong immunity system are more prone to Coronavirus.  

We must pay attention to our immune system not just because of Coronavirus but in general also. Our immune system is like a defence system which protects our body from any foreign harmful impurity, known as pathogens. They detect these agents and make sure they don’t impose any harm to our body. So, we must make sure that we take care of our immune system.

Here’s a list of some foods that will make sure that your kids immune system is healthy. 

1. Citrus Fruits

You must’ve seen people adding Vitamin C to their diets if they have cold. That’s because it increases blood levels and helps to distinguish between lymphocytes (white blood cells), which determines which type of protection is needed by the body. White blood cells help to fight infections. Some of the good sources of Vitamin C are oranges, lemons, berries, kiwi and so on.

2. Turmeric

Remember when we get injured or get sick, Haldi Wala Doodh always comes to the rescue. Our moms made us drink that for a reason. Turmeric contains an active compound called Curcumin, which has numerous benefits. Out of which, the most essential benefits is that it has anti-inflammatory properties and dynamic medicinal properties.

3. Ginger

Ginger is a famous spice that can help reduce inflammation-related concerns as well as is a wonderful remedy of sore throat. Ginger may also help decrease nausea and bloating. Do add this ingredient while making your regular or food. 

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4. Coconut Oil

Having a viral? 

Have some coconut oil, either raw or add some while cooking your regular food. Coconut oil helps in digesting the fat-soluble vitamins and contains antiviral characteristics that help to fight against bacteria and virus. It also takes care of your heart health and antimicrobial.

5. Fermented Foods

Fermented foods, when taken in small amounts, are a great source of producing good bacteria, which helps to boost your immunity. Some of the fermented foods include homemade pickles, yoghurt, and kimchi.

6. Tulsi

Tulsi is an age-old ingredient which has various advantages. It has antiviral and antibacterial benefits, which are believed to cure fever, cough and cold. With regular consumption of tulsi, one can make his immune strong and healthy.

7. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables like spinach contain antioxidants and beta carotene which is popular for its infection-fighting ability. Try not to overcook them as moderate cooking enhances Vitamin A and proves to be more healthy. 

8. Dry Fruits 

Proteins are the building blocks of immune cells and that’s what makes it more important for consumption. Nuts are proved to be a great source of energy and protein. Instead of munching unhealthy snacks, you should go for nuts. While talking of nuts, almonds are a great source of Vitamin E and it keeps the immune system healthy. 

9. Garlic

In every cuisine, garlic is used by people worldwide. It adds a different flavour to your regular meal. Garlic is largely used in soups. That’s because they contain antiviral properties. Regular consumption of garlic can ensure that your immune system is perfectly fine. They also help to lower down the blood pressure.

10. Liquorice and Cinnamon

These are some of the treasures that you’ll find in your kitchen. Liquorice is basically Mulethi and Cinnamon is Dalchini. These are antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal that protects your immune system. Cinnamon is a great anti-diabetic as it maintains lower blood sugar levels. 

Another ingredient which boosts your immunity is Giloy. Giloy helps to eliminate toxins, purifies blood, fights bacteria that provoke diseases. It was proven that Giloy contains many medicinal properties and helps to cure a cold and cough. You may take Giloy juice and stay tension free about your immune system.

This list is a suggestion to enhance your immunity and there’s a lot of other things also. Variety is the key, so don’t stick to only one food item and make sure that you try other food items as well. Moreover, don’t forget to take an allergy test to make sure that they don’t react. If anything happens, consult a physician as soon as possible. 

With all these foods, some physical activities are also essential. Don’t indulge with any unhealthy habits like smoking and consumption of alcohol. Because of our unhealthy routine, we are letting ourselves be more prone to infection. So, try to eat healthily and do some physical exercise or yoga, in order to avoid getting into such conditions.

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