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The society always criticizes the working mother who tries to do it all.  She has worked hard all her life to make a career for herself. And now, she should not have to sacrifice all of it just because there is an addition in her family. True, things will be difficult than ever for her when her personal and private life is in the balance. She has to make sure that both sides of the scale are in perfect balance so that no aspect of her life is compromised. 

A mother who can handle both these things is going to be a great role model for her children. She can lead by example. Her life becomes a lesson for her children. So, when a mother perfects the work life balance, she is her child’s ideal and not his/her worst nightmare. But, maintaining work life balance is not a child’s play. It is tough. However, here are a few pointers that will make it considerably easy to handle work life balance.  

Don’t be guilty

You are not committing a crime (but it sure feels like it). Just relax. You have chosen a life for yourself that you think is suitable for you and your family.

Yes, you will miss a few PTA meetings, a few of their matches, recitals. Once you get back to work, you will not spend as much time with your child as you used to (you know there is a big ‘but’ coming after all this). But (and here it is) it is okay. You are doing the best you can. Just because you are working mother, you haven’t shied away from your responsibilities as a mother. If you are still nurturing them, caring for them, loving them with all your heart, then let me tell you, you have no reason to be guilty. You are not at fault. 

Find quality childcare 

Childcare is inevitable. Your child is going to spend a considerable amount of time there. Make sure that it suits all your requirements as well as your child’s. Don’t be hasty with this decision. It is going to be monumental in how your child grows up. If they like it there, then you will be ‘mommy of the year’ for them. If not, this won’t happen, you will find the right one (the ‘chosen one’ perhaps?) 

Also, it will be easier if the childcare is near your workplace. There are two reasons for it. First, the commute becomes more bearable if it is near your workplace. Second, you can rest assured that you can go and meet them anytime you want.

Make the mornings as easy as possible.

Oh, the mornings! Everybody has to get out of the house at the same time. And hence they will be rampaging around the house finding a lost sock, or a file, or just gamboling around, lost in another dimension altogether. It is the time when you will be questioning your decision to do it all. It drives you insane! So, make the mornings as easy as possible. Prepare the last night so that there is a buffer time for all the last-minute searching and gamboling.  

It is a good habit that your family will also benefit from learning

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This stay organized refers to being organized at work. You have to do your job there and get back to a loving child who is waiting for you at home (or childcare). So, the earlier you finish your work, the sooner you can get home. That is a great motivator, isn’t it? However, that doesn’t mean you do an ‘okay’ job at work and get back. You have a responsibility to do well for your employer also. So, stay focused on work when at work. There is no need to dilly- dally around and waste precious time. 

Stay connected during the day.

If it is possible to meet your child in the day, then do it. Have lunch together. But, if that is not an option, you can always call them (Thank God for technology!). Be in touch with them throughout the day so that they don’t miss you as much. 

Try to leave work at work.

A very crucial point in work life balance is this. Evening time is family time. You have been away from your family for an entire day. Don’t bring work in it and ruin family time. I understand that there may be some additional work that you have to do even when you get off work. Do it after your child is asleep. This way, they won’t be affected by it. 

Spend time with your partner

When you are a working mother, giving time to your partner seems a herculean task. But remember, you are in this together. When there is a mutual understanding between the two of you, everything is achievable. And how do you develop it? By spending time with each other. Don’t get caught up in work so much that you can’t even spare some time for your partner. Talk to each other. When both of you are on the same page, things are much more feasible. You will always have your support system with you. 

Plan fun activities

Every moment you spend with your child is precious. Make the most of it. Whenever there is time, plan fun family activities that your kids will also enjoy. It is a great bonding opportunity for you as a family. It makes up for all the time you were apart. Spending quality time is more important than spending quantity time. 

Make most of the weekends.

No matter how much you try, weekdays are going to be tough. The time you spend with them is going to be limited. So, it becomes necessary that you utilize the weekends to their full potential. If there was someplace your child wanted to visit but could not, then weekends are your chance. They are also a perfect time for ‘me time,’ which is just as essential. Set aside some time just for yourself to reconnect with yourself. 

The society is finally catching up with the new times. It has realized that mothers can also be an employee. And now it is more accommodating of a working mother. So, now it has become a lot less stressful to handle both.

2 Responses

  1. Again,
    A very insightful piece by you sir.
    1. My wife being in a job has to undergo family pressures and the nightmare is real.

    2. Initially she always used to feel guilty of uaving taking up a job. Thats without a question. Then we tried reasoning and told its not a crime. It is an article that looks at our perspective. Managing a dual role and that too as a woman still remains stressful in India. Thnx again for a wonderful insight

    3. The weekend part probably forms the most importaNt part in forming the bond. We have stopped wifi during weekends unless necessary. We started with more in board games and fun activities whenever possible.

    1. Wonderful buddy. Not too many people can take lessons with such ease. Kudos to you your wife for taking prompt corrective action.

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