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Parents love their kids the most. And they, both mother and father, strive to do what is best for their kids. they are a team and in today’s world, they divide their duties among each other.

Any team has a goal that everyone tries to achieve. In it, it does not do if one teammate is taking all the responsibility while the other is off for some other work. Likewise, parents have the goal of nurturing their kids and bestowing them with good values.

Now, this is a role that both the parents can take up, and hence, they share the responsibility equally. So, according to this, here are the responsibilities that they share while raising their children.

 Building high self-esteem

Insecurities are the monsters that latch onto you early on in life, and never let go. And to face this demon, we need a mighty weapon. The weapon of ‘self-esteem.’ (queue revelation music, ‘ta ta taaa!’)  As a father, it is your responsibility to bestow this weapon to your child. 

The world is a difficult place as it is, there is no need for conflicts within yourself to make it tough, more than it already is.  

Inculcate a sense of gratitude

No matter what happens, we have to be grateful for this life. Even if it gets tough sometimes, it is beautiful, and we need to be thankful for it. As a parent, you have to show them how to appreciate life.

When we know the value of something, we tend to treasure it and put it to good use. If your child lives her/his life to the fullest, what more could you need? But they are kids and need someone to guide them through it. 

These responsibilities of a father that top the list of duties. When you fulfill them, you have won half the battle.

Spend quality time together

The definition of quality time is, you have fun with your kids, and they want to spend time with you again. So, to clarify it means, the time set aside as ‘quality time’ is not the moment to lecture them or share your wisdom.

It is time to have fun together, to bond, to create memories. No child is going to say, “remember the time you gave me a lecture for an hour straight? It was awesome!” 

Life has become synonymous with busy. You are working very hard for your kids so that they can have a happy life. But, they are not going to have a ‘happy’ life is you are not there to spend it with them. Your presence matters as much as, maybe even more than anything else. 

Teach them to be responsible

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s torch-bearers. They are going to be the driving force of our nation. Our children are going to be independent human beings one day. And as their father, you are obligated to teach them responsibility. You need to introduce terms like accountability to them.

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They need to be responsible for themselves first. And where do you ‘come in’ in this situation? Well, you are their parent and, that makes it your responsibility to teach them.

Teach them the importance of responsibility. If you keep your children in a bubble, they will never learn. Let them be independent. Teach your kids don’t do their work for them. 

Teach them to be respectful

It is one of the things you need to teach through your actions purely. Telling children to show some respect or bringing storybooks about it is not going to be as effective as showing them. If children see that being respectable is applicable in real life, and not just stories, they will start doing it. 

Children always follow in your footsteps about certain things, whether you like it or not. Behavior is one of those ‘certain things.’  If you are respectful, they will be respectful. If you aren’t- well you get the gist.

Teaching them the art of being calm

An interesting topic, ‘art of being calm.’ There is chaos everywhere. Stress follows you like a shadow. And, soon enough, it will start shadowing your children. Frustration and anxiety aren’t far.

Being calm in the face of adversity is a quality many fail to acquire. Even as adults, we struggle to be peaceful. So, it is better that your kid start practicing early on in life. And who better than you to teach them this. 

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

 –Frederick Douglass

Stereotypically, society has defined the responsibilities of a mother and father. But, in the new era, these stereotypes don’t stand. They are the same on the shoulders of both the mother and the father.

Today, there are a lot of single fathers and mothers who have to be both for their children.

So, it seems that the responsibilities of a father and a mother are interchangeable. You have to do what is necessary for your child, no matter what the ‘book of stereotypes’ teaches us.   

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