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5 Essential Life Aspects Children Tend to Forget

5 Essential Life Aspects Children Tend to Forget

Life in the 21st century has become so hectic and fast that they are certain things in life that we tend to miss. And these things turn out to be the things that mattered the most and we forgot them because we had other priorities. This is applicable to kids too. They are wrapped neck […]

8 Challenges Teenagers Face

8 Challenges Teenagers Face

Navigating the world as hard as it is, but when you happen to be a teenager things become just a teeny bit harder. And by teeny bit harder, I mean insanely hard. Parents don’t always understand the challenges a teenager has to face in this age because it is hard to decode what they are […]

8 Inspirational Figures That Rose From Dust

The scariest word that we all have encountered in our lives is…Failure! Everyone wants to be successful yet nobody wants to face failures. From the early stages of our lives, we were told to get good marks in school. We tend to see failures as a very negative thing and we were taught to stay […]

9 Exotic Indoor Hobbies That You Should Definitely Try!

We all want to utilize our free time and the best we can do is to opt for a hobby. It’s not feasible for all of us to have an outdoor hobby. Sometimes, we don’t have enough time to go out. In such scenarios, indoor hobbies joined the chat. We can make a schedule in […]

10 Family Games to play during Quarantine

All schools and colleges are closed, malls and movie theatres are shut down, most of the restaurants are also closed. All of us are stuck in our houses due to this global pandemic. Corona has definitely hit our lives.  However, instead of getting bored or doing only Netflix and Chill, you can utilize this time […]

10 Books that’ll Keep You Refreshed During Quarantine

Well, who doesn’t like books? I mean apart from the textbooks! (obviously) Corona has attacked and is destroying our whole humankind. We can beat it by staying at home…and I know how boring that sounds! However, we can make this time in a fun time by reading some books. So, in this blog, we shall […]